Нашел любопытнейшую книгу, ее название не требует перевода. Книга о стартапах и о глобальном мышлении. Разбита на пять частей, вот вырезка из содержания:
38 - Vision – Think BIG. There’s a reason companies
like Google, PayPal and Skype become huge companies
in short periods of time. They think big, solve painful
problems, scale quickly, address big markets and (try
to) grow profitably.
90 - Growth – Compress Time. As windows of
opportunity continue to close faster, startups need to
learn how to compress ten years of growth into three
years by building backwards, cutting out the fat, and
looking for ways to make their business scale quickly.
148 - Marketing – Act Like Number One.
Consumers have become fascinated with Number One
companies, which means that if a startup expects to
dominate a market, they must learn to act like a
Number One company right out of the gates.
196 - Capital – Create Capital. The cost of starting a
company has plummeted, which means that startups can
now create the capital they need versus spending lots of
time raising it. The focus now shifts towards creating
as much value as quickly as possible.
248 - Management – Stay Small. It’s all about speed
versus size. Instead of trying to grow the size of the
company, startups need to learn how to leverage the
smallness of the company to run circles around their
larger (and slower) competitors.

Большего сказать о ней пока не могу, только начал читать и мне нравится, если вас заинтересовало содержание, то качайте книгу отсюда(emule). После прочтения размещу свою рецензию на эту книгу. Ваши комментарии по книге, также желательны.


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